Solar Home Lighting and Power Solution

Small scale solar home lighting and power solution is a cost effective way of generating power.  Our solar home lighting system is economical, portable and easy to install.

Elavo solar home lighting system helps harnesses the sun’s energy to light up your home and power your small appliances. The Solar Home Lighting System is compact, portable and easily mountable and also an economical solution to all your power problems and comes in an easy-to-install kit.

How it Works?

Providing illumination powered from the sun’s renewable energy, the solar cells in the system convert the sun’s energy directly to electricity. This electricity is stored in the battery and used for lighting whenever required.

Applications: This Solar Home Lighting System can be used at many different locations – homes, walkways and balcony or in any non-electrified area.

Solar-Home-System Solar Home System

Solar Home Lighting Benefits

Economical: Since the sun provides energy free of charge, you enjoy 30% power savings on your electricity bills and a longer back up lighting system at zero running cost
Non-Polluting: Powered by the sun’s renewable energy, the system is energy neutral and an absolutely clean source of illumination. 1kwp solar installation reduces 1⁄2 ton of CO2 (carbon dioxide) per annum.
No Maintenance: The system has few moveable parts – reducing the risk of breakage. Once installed, it lasts for long time and requires little attention.
Power Backup: In emergency situations like power failure, this is no doubt a perfect solution for instant backup for up to 6 hours.

Solar Home System Kit

Solar Panels: These 5watt panels are solid-state semi conductor devices that convert the sun’s energy directly into electricity.
LED Bulbs: Solar Home Lighting system comes equipped with 2 7 Watt LED bulbs and is more luminous than a traditional CFL light of similar or even high rating. These LED lamps have a longer life of approximately up to 10,000 hrs.
Grid/External Charger: In absence of sunlight, one can charge the system through this external charger that can be directly connected to the main electricity supply.
Control Unit: A compact system with one in-built battery and a controller to protect the battery from overcharging or deep discharge.

DC Solar Home System Specifications

System Accessories20 Watt DC35 Watt DC50 Watt DC
Solar Panel20 Wp35 Wp75 Wp
Charge ControllerYesYesYes
Battery20 Ah26 Ah40 Ah
DC Table Fan1 Nos1 Nos1 Nos
LED Bulb7 Watt – 2 Nos7 Watt – 2 Nos7 Watt – 4 Nos
Mobile Charging PointYesYesYes
Power Backup5 Hour5 Hour7 Hour
System Warranty1 Year*2 Year*2 Year*

System Compatible: Dc Fan, Dc Bulb and other DC Homes Appliances
Applications: Home, Shops, Office, Farm House Etc.

Solar-Home-System Solar Home System

AC Solar Home System Specifications

System Accessories 300 Watt AC 500 Watt AC
Solar Panels150 Wp – 2 Nos150 Wp – 4 Nos
Solar Inverter650VA/12V850VA/12V
Battery120 Ah150 Ah
Power Backup5 Hour8 Hour

Load (300 Watt): 1 TV + 2 Fan + 3 LED Bulbs
Load (500 Watt): 1 TV + 2 Fan + 5 LED Bulbs
Application: Home, Shops, Offices, School, Farm House Etc.

Solar-Home-System Solar Home System