Solar Panel Cleaning Kit

Solar Panel Cleaning System Kit and brushes are designed to get into the smallest corners and effectively lift dirt from the surfaces with scrubbing action of a solar panel. You can choose the Solar Cleaning Kits and Lengths of Brushes as per your cleaning requirements. Universally applicable rectangular shaped brush or radius brush, designed for easy cleaning of all type of solar panels. The variety and versatile technique of Cleaning System Kits allows us to deliver seamless and complete cleaning solution for solar panels.

Solar-Panel-Cleaning-Kit Panel Cleaning Kit
Solar Panel Cleaning Kit

The hydra solar flow-thru extension pole and brush expedites the cleaning process. Solar Panels cleaning kits are available according to your requirement i.e.  2, 3, 4 panel mounted on elevated structures, rooftops, and structures designs. All kits material are light weight, durable, and designed for safety of panels.

Solar Panel Cleaning Kit Types and Specifications

 Specifications 6 Meter Kit 9 Meter Kit10 Meter Kit
Extension Pole6 M, 3-Section9M, 3-Section10M, 5-Section
Solar Radius Brush40 CM40 CM40 CM
Hose Pipe11 Meter11 Meter11 Meter
Price (INR)Rs. 20,000Rs. 22,000Rs. 25,000

Benefits of using Solar Cleaning Kit

You have invested a big amount on Solar Panels and it’s your responsibility to keep your investment safe and long run. Solar Kits are designed to keep solar panels working at their best efficiency.

No Scratches: Solar Brushes are made of Nylon Bristles, with flaggy system gives smooth and effective scrubbing on panel, which protect from getting scratches on panel.
No Scaling: Solar Kit’s squeezer’s hard rubber removes water left on the panel and gives instant dryness on panel to avoid water scaling on solar panel glass.
Safe and Easy Cleaning: Solar kit’s Long arm (Extension) can clean the Solar panels up to 30 Feet distance. You can easily and safely clean the solar panels and can avoid stepping on panels or structure without taking any risk.
Save Water: By using this Solar Kit solar panel will be clean with half liters of water, so you are saving a huge amount of water (up to 70%).
Save Time: Compare to conventional cleaning, Solar Kits are light weight, easy to use and reduce the manpower cost by 50%. A single person can clean up to 500 Solar Panels per day.
Environment Friendly: No chemical or any external power required.